Fans defend LeBron James’ son Bronny after he is slammed for taking his white girlfriend to prom

LeBron James’ son, Bronny James was criticized for dating a white girl, Peyton Gelfuso, and bringing her to prom. The 17-year-old shared pictures from the prom with his girlfriend on his Instagram stories on May 18. His mother, Savannah also posted behind-the-scenes images of him getting ready.

“Sooooo @bronny went to prom this past weekend….. Tons of emotions and realizations. Time really flies. [crying face emoji] So proud of you young man!! I will always have your front and your back!! [pink hearts emoji] Zhuri is processing all of this too!! [x2 laughing face emojis] (Last slide),” Savannah captioned the images on her Instagram.


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Some users slammed Bronny after finding out that his girlfriend, who went as his prom date, is white. But while there were trolls dissing Bronny, there were also people defending him and calling out the haters. One user tweeted, “Grown ass men and women being pressed about who Bronny James, a 17 year old, goes to his high school prom with is by far the strangest behavior that I’ve seen from people on here.”

Another said, “People mad at Bronny James for going to prom with a white girl…. Um you are a fu*’king rac’ist for having a problem with it. Majority of people these days don’t see race, they just see people. If you got a problem with anything related to that stuff, you’re the problem.” A third wrote, “people mad at bronny james for going to prom with a young white woman just shows you how much people are still raci’st til this day.”

A fourth commented, “People are weird. Y’all want raci’sm/preju’dice to end…but hat’ing on Bronny James because he took a white girl to prom [x2 rolling eyes emoji] Let that young man live.” A fifth added, “I have always said black folks are the most rac’ist people out there! Those comments under Bronny James’ prom pic with his date are disgusting.” A sixth laughed, “Grown adults mad that Bronny James took a white girl to prom lol.”

While one user felt, “lol let this sink. adults are upset about teenage bronny james taking a white girl to his high school prom. This is what Kendrick was talkin about. We see who listened & who didn’t. [facepalm emoji],” another replied, “If you’re grown asl commenting on bronny James Prom Date just know you’re a weirdo [100 emoji] [middle fin’ger emoji].” A third tweeted, “The people that are on Bronny James for taking a white girl to prom are blowing my fu*k’ing mind. If you wanna act like you want equality, then b*tch about a black kid taking a white girl to prom, you don’t the hypoc’risy in that? Stop seeing race and maybe race would disappear [fake smile emoji].”

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