Entitled Couple Wants Neighbors To Cook For Them And Do Their Housework Because They Are Having A Baby, Get Slammed On Twitter

Just because you’re a new parent doesn’t mean that you’re not acting entitled. Case in point, Twitter user Jack Jokinen, a podcaster from Philadelphia, shared a story about a very peculiar family from their neighborhood. He got an invitation to join the Nextdoor social network and that’s how he found about a local couple who were having a baby and they weren’t feeling all too confident about being first-time parents. That’s why they reached out to the community for help via the Meal Train ‘giving’ website.

One of the things they asked for was for their neighbors to come over with food. Sounds like a simple request for help from time to time, right? Just drop off an extra lasagna or little bit of pie that you baked and that’s it? Forget about it! The couple was expecting constant high-level catering. All for free! And it simply oozes entitlement.

They had an entire list of specific pre-approved meals (with recipes no less!). Yup, that’s right, dear Pandas, they wanted the friendly locals to make them their favorite meals. And no, they wouldn’t settle for anything else. However… that the request for food was just the tip of the iceberg. Naturally, Jack’s thread was so ‘out there’ that it went viral. Check out his full story about the peculiar couple below.

Bored Panda got in touch with Jack, the author of the thread, who told us all about the peculiar situation. “My initial reaction was to assume it was a couple in need,” he said. “Then, when I saw the demands and telling people that if they don’t cook, they can come clean, I was floored,” he said. Scroll down to read what Jack had to say, including an update about the couple.

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A couple who were expecting their baby were feeling very overwhelmed, so they reached out for help from their neighbors

However, they asked for help in an incredibly entitled manner, as their neighbor, Jack, detailed in a viral Twitter post

Here’s what the couple’s post on Meal Train, that eventually ended up on Nextdoor, looked like

The dad and mom-to-be were very picky about what kind of food they were expecting to get

However, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The parents had some other tasks ready for their neighbors if they didn’t want to donate any food

The cherry on top was the fact that the couple put their convenience above that of their neighbors

So far, there’s been just one neighboring family who was willing to lend a helping hand

Jack, the author of the thread, told Bored Panda that he had no idea that his thread on Twitter would go viral. He said that he “just found it funny.”

He did have a small update for us. “We did later find out that the couple was recording a podcast about having a child where they talked about all the gifts they had been given by neighbors already and that they had the resources to pay someone to paint their house while they lived in a hotel for a few days,” Jack shared.

“I think, overall, they were just out of touch with reality.”

The father-to-be told The New York Post that he was surprised that his post was going viral online. “I apologize if it was taken the wrong way—and I’m frankly just very surprised and a little disheartened by … the response. If they are not interested, then they don’t have to check that site or do anything. This is the world we live in,” he said, adding that he was asking for help from “friends and family.” At least one neighbor reached out and offered their support.

As if all of the couple’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas weren’t enough, they also mentioned their least liked meals.

“Alex really dislikes mashed potatoes. But again, this isn’t necessarily about food. Text me and check in… maybe come visit… vacuum, wash some dishes, walk the dog. That will nourish us as much,” they wrote, inviting their neighbors to do their chores for them.

Twitter user Jack put it very nicely when he wrote, “If I don’t egg their house, I deserve an award.” After all, it’s incredibly difficult to find in yourself the willingness to help someone who asks for help in the most arrogant way possible.

The couple also noted that they “try to avoid sugar” and do their best to eat “whole, simple foods.”

I try not to judge people too much, least of all parents who have it tough anyway, but the couple’s social ineptitude here is just overwhelming. But maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe they grew up having absolutely everything handed them on a silver plate, so they assume everyone will be rushing to their rescue, no matter what.

What are your thoughts about the couple, Pandas? How would you react if your neighbors had a huge list of demands for you? Would you be willing to help out someone like this? And, most importantly, would you stick to their list of pre-approved recipes or would you bring over something that you were planning to make either way? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Here’s how people reacted to the incredibly peculiar call for help from the family

Source & Credit: boredpanda.com

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