Dad Complains 23 Y.O. Daughter Isn’t Helping Around The House, She Surprises Family By Secretly Leaving Home For Good

Some say that the concept of family ought to be considered a value, something to be cherished at all costs. And rightfully so. After all, it’s key to who we are as individuals and it’s supposed to be a sort of safety net as far as us being social beings is concerned.

But families don’t always work for everyone, especially if there is conflict and perhaps even exertion of power by parents upon kids, even if the kids are all grown up and you needn’t use extreme emotion to send a message. Or maybe you just need to listen, and not send a message.

Whatever the case, this next story shows just how bad it can get sometimes because of this.

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Families don’t always work out for everyone, which leads them to pack up their things and leave

So, 23-year-old Reddit user u/lilacswans recently went to Reddit to get some perspective on a situation she ended up in.

In particular, she asked the Am I The A-Hole community if she was wrong to leave her family home without telling anyone in the family after a fight she had with her dad.

You see, OP is a grad student who is also juggling two jobs (technically, one part-time job and one internship, but still very valid), and she often ends up leaving home early in the morning and coming back late in the evenings. But she still makes an effort to do her part with regards to chores whenever she is at home.

This is exactly what happened to this one Redditor, except the family wasn’t happy about it, despite kinda wanting it to happen

One day she decided she’d empty out the dishwasher, but she needed to take a shower first. This turned out to be a grave mistake as dad had a problem with the dishwasher not being empty at this point and proceeded to make a huge fuss about it.

It was such a huge fuss, in fact, that he didn’t seem to even try to listen to OP, or even, in fact, notice that she does do her part around the house. Instead, he started putting her down, calling her useless, and even going so far as to threaten to kick her out of the house.

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