Coi Leray And Tami Roman entangled In An Online Argument Over 50 Cent Drama

It seems Coi Leray is getting tired of the drama. She and her father, Benzino, have not seen each other for quite some time, and in spite of several trials to repair their relationship, they keep ending up on the rough note. For over a week, 50 Cent, whose been arguing with Benzino and carried Coi into the mix.

On instagram fif posted a picture of the 24-year-old rapper and praised her. In spite of her dad’s continuing conflict with 50, Coi remarked on the post with passion. Obviously, this propeled Zino over the border, and he went to Twitter to fire at the BMF producer. He posted a series of tweets,

the 56-year-old blamed Fif of being at war with Starz and conveyed dissatisfaction in his daughter for siding against him. After reading those tweets social media users started responding to the Love & Hip Hop reality star’s tweets. However, in particular, one person, brushed Coi by the wrong means.

Tami Roman, under The Shade Room’s post of Zino’s tweets commented. She wrote, “This is going to be a mess because 50 ain’t wrapped too tight. A user in response wrote yea it’s funny until he comes for one of your daughters,

which then directed Tami to answer back, my daughters don’t give anybody a reason to come for them, they be off to the side minding their business.” Tami’s comments didn’t go overlooked by Coi who apparently held them as a personal attack.

Putting the Tami Roman on a blast, the Trendsetter artist recommended her to allow adults be adults and kids be kids. She said, You should do what they do and mind your business and stand to the side women. Lead by example for dem kids.

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