Bakery Under Fire After ‘Sending Amber Heard Tone Deaf Package’

A bakery is under fire after ‘sending Amber Heard’ a ‘tone deaf’ package amid the Johnny Depp defamation trial.

The Australian brand, named Dessert Boxes, took to TikTok and shared a clip of a hand-shaped cake, alongside a bottle of vodka.

In the video, it read: “We’re sending Amber Heard a box!”

The bakery 'sent' her this cake and vodka bottle.

The voiceover went on to say that they ‘cut off the finger with a vodka bottle’ and ‘threw that in for her too’.

It then added that the severed piece of cake had been kept aside and that they’d ‘send it to Johnny Depp’.

The clip has since accumulated over 560,000 views and thousands have taken to the comments and branded it ‘inappropriate’.

“POV: How to go out of business,” one joked.

Another added: “This is so tone deaf.”

“This is meant to be funny?” a third questioned.

A fourth said: “Where’s the funny? I can’t find it, can someone help?”

Others have defended the bakery and argued that it’s just ‘dark humour,’ with one writing: “Dark and I love it.”

In agreement, a second commented: “Dark humour at its finest.”

Since the clip has gone viral, a Dessert Boxes spokesperson has spoken to Indy100 and said the move has had a mixed response.

They told the news outlet: “It is the most talked-about thing on TikTok at the moment so we expected this. We’ve received a lot of emails from fans overseas wanting to purchase from us and support us. We’ve also received emails from people threatening to kill us.”

The prank is in reference to when Heard’s ex-husband, Depp, took to the stand and testified about his fingertip injury.

At the time, he made a claim about their trip to Australia in March 2015 and alleged that the Aquaman star ‘hurled’ a bottle at him, leading to the tip being sliced off.

This allegation has been denied by Heard.

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