A Young Boy Prayed With a Police Officer After Flagging Her Down

A beautiful picture gone viral on the social media and it’s going to melt everyone’s heart. This photo portrays the moment at a bus stop a Louisville, Kentucky boy prayed with a police officer. However, the intention will possibly surprise you.

During the normal morning patrolling a Metro Police officer Louisville when she was passing a bus stop. She saw a young boy was flagging her down not something she saw every day arriving from a child in lower elementary. You might be guessing that the boy wanted help.

However, it seems that rather, he wanted to give assist through some motivation and prayer. Officer stopped and got out of her car. According to Officer Jan Dykes, the boy said to officer, Hey, before you leave, would you mind if I prayed with you for your day and my day going to school?

It was heart touching for the officer, and she cheerfully accepted and bowed to the ground. Only the outcome was not what she even would have anticipated from a kid at a bus stop. It wasn’t really that the boy prayed with a police officer. Rather, he prayed for her. The officer remembered of the young boy at the bus stop’s prayer.

It was great! He said, I want to pray for this officer’s safety.” She conveyed that in his prayer, he also said, I made a new friend. I really hope her day goes great, and hopefully, she makes a lot of lives better and going to school and meeting new people.

Officer told that It brought a lot of joy to me for him to want to do that for me. She added, It was really great to think this kid had this much excitement.

Source & Credit: Google

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