17-Year-Old Is Shook To Receive So Many Hateful Comments After Her Boyfriend’s Mom Posted Their Homecoming Pics On Facebook

17-year-old Grace Brumfield, a junior at a high school in Alabama, recently went to homecoming with her boyfriend Zach, with whom she had a photoshoot in a field of sunflowers before the dance. Grace looked gorgeous in her Princess Diana-inspired dress and she said “I loved how my pics for homecoming came out,” in her TikTok video.

But shockingly, Grace’s look has become a target of very harsh commentary from some adults online. It turns out that her boyfriend’s mom posted the photos on an open Facebook group called “Sunflowers and Daisies,” and this is where, unknowingly, Grace received a lot of hate. From adult women calling her ‘trashy’ to even stating that by wearing that dress the teen was ‘asking for it,’ it’s hard to imagine what was going through Grace’s mind while reading it.

So the teen shared the video about her homecoming dress and all the nasty comments she received on TikTok, amassing over 10 million views. And more importantly, sparking a much-needed conversation on boomer hate on the internet, which often remains invisible.

Recently, the 17-year-old teen named Grace went to homecoming with her boyfriend Zach and she was wearing this Princess Diana-inspired dress

Imagine feeling that homecoming was a huge success and you had the time of your life dancing with your boyfriend, only to read all those harsh comments about yourself when you get back. It must be absolutely heart-wrenching!

Grace recounted: “Homecoming was AMAZING! I had so many compliments on my dress, and it was our first homecoming since COVID, so they made it really nice and very special for all of the students! I made so many great memories, and the environment was just out-of-this-world amazing,” she told the press.

Although Grace felt confident in this gorgeous dress, she was shocked to find out adult women in a Facebook group were harshly shaming her dress in the pictures

However, Grace’s high spirits were soon smashed after finding all the nasty comments from adults surfing on a Facebook group. “My boyfriend’s mom started telling me how the pictures had somewhere around 32,000 likes. She was talking about all the nice comments, and then she said, ‘And of course, there are the negative ones as well.’ My heart kind of immediately sank because I felt so confident about my appearance and attire that night, and I didn’t want that confidence I had to be in a way stolen from me. I have been picked on my entire life—my freshman year, I moved schools because it got so bad.”

After sharing the ordeal on her TikTok, Grace has fortunately received a lot of support from people calling out ‘boomer hate.’ Adult boomers sharing hateful and toxic comments is an often overlooked problem since much of the blame goes to the younger generation that is inseparable from their online presence.

Many people found this whole situation an opportunity to call out boomer hate online and this is what they had to comment

Source & Credit: boredpanda.com

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