Woman Asks How Can She Stop Her Boyfriend From Digging His Tunnel

Woman Asks How Can She Stop Her Boyfriend From Digging His Tunnel

A woman anonymously shared with Redditors that her boyfriend spends about a year working on his deep tunnel, and while he’s always happy when he returns homes after hours of digging, she’s concerned about his physical safety and mental health and that the tunnel might eventually collapse on him.

The 27-Year-Old woman said her BF no longer has a social life and barely spends time with her anymore because he isn’t doing anything but digging.

An ingerior view of a man made cave relaized by the italian military force during WWI along the “Linea Cadorna”, a defensive system realized in order to prevent a possible german invasion of North Italy from Switzerland. The tunnel is 120 m long and cross the mount Crocione, near Como.

Her Reddit post started with the question: “How can I get my boyfriend to stop digging his tunnel? So, I know this is a weird question, but my boyfriend likes to spend a lot of his free time digging a tunnel on some property that he inherited. I haven’t seen the full extent of it, but last I saw, it was remarkably deep under the surface.”

“He’s spent roughly a year on it and it’s evident. The front of the thing is deep, wide; well put together. At the front, which is the only part that I’ve seen, he’s got cement beams, electric lights, even chairs, and a table.”

“I haven’t gone into it, but it looked like the quality severely dropped as the tunnel went further, mostly becoming open dirt with some wood beams holding it up. I’ve tried voicing my concern to him, but he just laughs it off and assures me that he’ll be fine.” The woman then claimed she’s pretty much the only person he talks to outside of his job, and he doesn’t go out and do anything anymore.

She also attested he had occasionally headed out and done some digging on the weekends but now spends almost all his free time doing the digging, and even when he comes home, he barely spends any time with her.

She concluded: “This can’t be good for his mental health, but I don’t know how to convince him to stop. He’s always really happy when he comes back from digging, which is why I haven’t seriously tried to stop him before, but I was talking to a friend about him, and she told me he might be going crazy. Obviously, I didn’t think he’s insane, but I hadn’t considered the mental health aspect of this, and I just don’t know what do to.”

In an update, the woman added that as far as she knows, her BF doesn’t have a real goal in mind and just likes the process of digging and majorly doing it to have fun.

However, her plea for advice has been met with some responses, and her story has also migrated to Twitter. On Reddit, many noted that her safety concerns are legitimate. The tunnel could collapse on him, and he could also run out of oxygen and die if he didn’t have proper ventilation while underground. A few voiced concern that whatever he’s doing could end up on Dateline or 20/20.

Some have said he could be in real danger of the tunnel collapsing or oxygen deprivation.

But a few don’t think there’s any problem at play and that it’s just a harmless hobby.

Source & Credit: greenlemon.me

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