This Single Father Adopts An Abandoned 12-Year-Old Boy Who Was Left at a Hospital

This Single Father Adopts An Abandoned 12-Year-Old Boy Who Was Left at a Hospital

This is a wonderfully inspiring and moving story. It originated in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s about Tony, a little boy who has had a tough childhood.

He has been in the foster care system since he was two years old. There is no information about his biological parents. Tony was adopted by a couple from Oklahoma when he was four years old.

But the boy’s difficult and stormy experiences did not end there. At the age of 11, the couple who adopted him abandoned him in a hospital, leaving him to fend for himself once more by people who were supposed to be his guardians and protectors.

Finally, a glimmer of hope arises.


Tony met a man named Peter Mutabazi when he was 12 years old. When he heard of the boy’s tragic and traumatic past, he vowed to himself that nothing awful would ever happen to him again. Tony’s adoptive father was Peter.


“He’s the nicest, smartest kid I’ve ever had,”
“From day one, he’s always called me ‘dad.’ He truly meant it and he looks up to me. He’s proud to show me at school and say, ‘Hey, he’s my dad.’ That’s something that I love about him.”

After a few months, the care facility called Peter and asked if he might take Tony home for the weekend. That’s when Peter learned more about Tony’s past and how difficult it was for him.

Peter said:

“By that time, I was crying. I thought, ‘Who would do that?’”

“Once I knew the parents’ rights were signed off and he had nowhere to go, I [knew] I had to take him.”

In a Charlotte courthouse, Peter Mutabazi became Tony’s legal father and adopted him as his own son. He went on to say:

“I had the room, the resources, so I had no reason to let him go,”

“For what someone did for me I wanted to do something for someone else.”


The father-son team now spends valuable time together watching movies, reading books, participating in sports, and caring for one another. It’s safe to say Tony is now protected and cherished by a true father.

Peter Mutabazi is a true angel disguised as a man. As he adopts more children in need, his family continues to grow and flourish for the better.

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