Tattooed Model Says She Faces ‘Discrimination’ And Is ‘Hissed’ At In The Street

Amber Luke has inked literally every part of her body, including her face, arms, and legs. The 26-year-old is among the people with extreme body modifications worldwide, and she’s well-contended with her appearance and lifestyle. The model often gets positive remarks, but much more are the negatives and has even been dubbed an “Alien.”

When Amber goes out in public, some people get nasty and will cough at her as she walks past.

She also faces daily discrimination and is hissed at in the street.

Sharing her frustration, Amber, who took to Instagram, expressed that “Humans are weird, man.” The Brisbane-based then shared an incident about how walking through a shopping center in a crowd of people resulted in mixed reactions. She explained: “You get people who look at you, glance at you, and smile. You get people who comment nice things to your face; they’re the best ones.

“You get people who scoff; you get people who cough, you get people who hiss when they walk past. I think today it just hit different, it felt different. Today I was an alien to society.”

Amber added that she wasn’t exaggerating and that every person, including their dog, were saying negative things either to her, behind her back, or as she walked past. She questioned where she went wrong, revealing that people’s manners and respect for fellow humans have undeniably gone through the door.

“There’s so much hatred in society that I can’t even fathom why and how you have the audacity to project hatred towards an individual that’s a stranger towards you.”

The model urged people to stop being toxic about how others look and argued it’s twisted to make people feel inadequate and not welcomed because of their tattoos. However, Amber has over 600 tattoos, including geometric designs all over her chest, portraits on her thighs, and bold eyeball ink. She also has body modifications like a split tongue, stretched ears, and dermal piercings.

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