Romeo Miller Shares More Photos Of His ‘Lion Queen’

Romeo Miller Shares More Photos Of His ‘Lion Queen’

Master P’s son, Romeo Miller, is a doting father. The entrepreneur took to Instagram on Wednesday (Apr. 20) to share more pictures of his baby girl.

“I introduce to you, THE LION QUEEN,” Romeo told his social media fans. “My daughter, a.k.a. my world, my light, my joy, my @thedrewyco partner, my triumph, my hope, my balance, my twin, my love, my baby genius, my heart, my angel, my first, my biggest blessing, my everything,” the celebrity father exclaimed. “The world will hear your roar,” Romeo wrote to his daughter. “Thank you for making daddy a better man, Baby R.”

Romeo Miller and his girlfriend, Drew Sangster, welcomed their daughter earlier this year. The news came as a surprise to many who were unaware of Drew’s expectancy. Baby R enjoyed her first Easter with members of the Miller family this past Sunday (Apr. 17).

“Happy Easter from just 8 out of the 7,629,000 Millers,” Romeo wrote to his social media fans. “Big brother, son, and now father; the best job titles ever,” the entrepreneur said. “1 Peter 1:3. PS: it’s hard to get us all in one place,” Romeo mused.

Master P was one of the last family members to learn of his son’s expectancy. “I think maybe my mom was actually literally first [to know I was going to be a father],” Romeo said during a recent interview. “Now that I think about it, I had to let it settle in first before dad, you know, gets to him last after everybody else,” Miller added. “Because he didn’t believe it. He be thinking (sic) it’s April Fool’s when it’s not April Fool’s.”

Baby R made Romeo a father for the first time and Master P a grandfather for the first time. “Three generations of Millers,” the legendary rapper said of Baby R’s arrival in February. “Nothing but blessings,” Master P told his social media followers.

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