Rich Man Kicks Out Homeless Girl Begging for Money, Later Sees Her at Wife’s Grave — Story of the Day

Rich Man Kicks Out Homeless Girl Begging for Money, Later Sees Her at Wife’s Grave — Story of the Day

A wealthy man scornfully refuses to give a poor girl money for flowers. But he sees her later at his deceased wife’s grave weeping and realizes who she is.

David Salvi was nervous and excited. He was back in Boston after an absence of 15 years, and he was about to do something he’d sworn he’d never do: reach out to his wife.

The florist he walked towards was rightly known as one of the city’s best, and he knew he’d find what he needed — red tulips. He had just stepped inside the florist’s door when he was accosted by a beggar.

The girl looked desolate and ragged. She was thin, with skinny legs and under her too-short skirts, her bruised knees showed. “Please, sir…” she said. “Could you spare some change?”

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David frowned and asked her belligerently: “What’s the money for? Food? Or are you just going to blow it on drink or drugs?”

Lies are like weeds, they grow and spread destruction.
The girl flushed and said with dignity: “None of those, sir. I want to buy some flowers…”

“Flowers?” David cried, outraged. “What does a beggar want with flowers? I tell you what! You go and work instead of asking decent people for their money to buy FLOWERS!”

The girl turned her face away but not before David saw that she was crying. He felt a little ashamed of himself. There was one person who would never approve of his attitude — Claire. And David wanted Claire’s approval badly.

He put his hand in his pocket to give the girl a dollar, but she had gone. He got himself a bouquet of the most beautiful red tulips, Claire’s favorites. Claire, the love of his life, his wife whom he hadn’t seen for fifteen years…

David had loved Claire from the moment he saw her dancing at a concert, her hands up in the air, her long hair swirling around her like a silken cape. He’d walked up to her and they had looked into each other’s eyes and they knew.

He and Claire had married three weeks later, but he only broke the news to his parents when he went back for Thanksgiving — without Claire. He blurted it out at dinner: “Mom, Dad, I’m married…”

His father’s jaw dropped and his mother spilled the wine on her white linen and lace heirloom tablecloth. “WHAT?” she gasped. “Married? TO WHOM?”

David smiled nervously. “Her name is Claire Farrow — I mean was — she’s Claire Salvi now. She’s beautiful and funny and smart. She’s a law student…”

“Who is her family?” asked David’s mother. “Where do they come from?”

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