Power couple Jeannie and Jeezy celebrated one year anniversary like this

Power couple Jeannie and Jeezy celebrated one year anniversary like this

The celebrity couple Jeannie and Jeezy are recalling their union on their first wedding anniversary! On Sunday they completed their first marriage anniversary. after one year, Jeannie posted a photo on Instagram with his loving husband to celebrate the milestone.

They tied the knot at their Georgia house in front of family and friends. She wrote, “It’s not about finding someone who’s perfect. It’s about finding someone who can match your level of commitment- not just to the relationship, but the commitment to heal themselves to love stronger and live happier forever,”

She added, “My life began on March 27, 2021. Happy Anniversary King,” Jeezy also posted a beautiful picture of their wedding March 27, 2021, he captioned it, “Everything Is Better With You. Everything Has Been Better Since You. Happy Anniversary Mrs. Jenkins. One Year Down And A Life Time To Go.

”In April 2021, Vogue broke the news of their wedding and they also revealed that Jeannie wore a gorgeous Galia Lahav dress for the big day. After few days while talking to Girl Chat, Jeannie disclosed that the inspiration behind her dress, a collaboration between her, her stylist Lisa Cera, and the brand’s atelier.

She joked, “This dress I envisioned right when Jeezy proposed. I knew that I wanted something very effervescent and nude. I did not want to wear white, because we all know that white symbolizes purity, and that ship has sailed!”.

“I knew I wanted nude because the color, it represents how skin deep I want to be with Jay. It’s a color that represents how transparent we are with each other.” Jeannie also told that she adorned the house with palm leaves,

which have great importance in Vietnamese culture. Jennie explained, “They represent power and eternal life. And then the Italian ruscus, on the other side of it, represent humility, which is obviously before God. We wanted peace, eternal life, and humility there”.

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