People Are Torn About This “Lazy” Mom Of 4 And Her Honest View Of Her House After 4 Days Of Not Cleaning

Being a parent is awesome, but you can’t deny that some things are overly romanticized about it.

They tell you how kids can liven up your day and how their smiles can bring world peace, but let’s be real, the remaining 98% of parenting is a relentless attempt at raising decent human beings and adulting at the same time.

And to show you just how real it can get, this one mom shared what her house looks like after just 4 days of not tidying up with 4 kids in the household.

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Keeping a house clean is a challenge for many, let alone mothers with 4 kids who post videos of the reality as motivation to clean up

Meet Bri James, also known as the The Messy Mama on TikTok, a momma blogger with 4 lovely children.

Not too long ago, she has been going viral with a video of hers where she shows what four days of not cleaning the house looks like in a 6-people family household.

In the video, she describes this as the consequence of “two really lazy adults have 4 kids and don’t clean up after themselves” for 4 days. She also elaborates that she has not done the dishes or picked up things throughout that time, highlighting that this isn’t dirty, but rather just a mess.

Momma blogger of 4 Bri James shared a video where she shows just how messy it gets in 4 days in a house of a family of 6

Said mess was what you’d expect of one: everything from kids’ toys to empty packets to furniture pieces scattered all over the floor, with kitchen counters occupied by dirty dishes and dining implements and the living room looking like a kid’s playground. Pretty standard if you ask me.

She posted the video to TikTok as a means of motivating herself to clean up the house and keep herself accountable, knowing all too well that she’ll be roasted for it.

But, in reality, what it ended up turning into was a bit of a debate, in the lightest sense of the word. People weren’t really discussing, but there were definitely two sides that people were choosing between.

Everything from toys to furniture pieces on the floor to over-the-top counter stacking to this mini playground living room

But Bri did what she set out to do, and that is to clean the house, which she did in 4 videos

On the one hand, sure, she got roasted. For the most part, people were pointing out that while things scattered on the floor is surely a mess, the unwashed dishes are definitely dirty and there is no other way of describing it. If anything, it was unhygienic.

Others said that it’s impossible to blame the kids at this point—this is all because these “lazy” parents were just too lazy about it, and yet others even explained that this sets a bad example for the kids.

However, something that Bri seemingly did not expect was the vast support from other parents and just people who relate to the messy situation.

For starters, this is a very segmented part of the mother’s life—very real and very necessary, but also very out of context, as you can’t really assume that this is always the way it is. You can’t ever truly know what this mom goes through on the daily, especially with 4 little rascals.

Others, mostly parents of 1 to 5 kids, point out that this is an inevitability that parents shouldn’t be judged for. It’s much harder than it looks and it takes a parent to actually understand the struggle.

Reactions came from two sides, with some disapproving, and others showing support

In general, there was lots of love and support for Bri to outweigh all of the negativity found in the comment section. But, as mentioned previously, the mom used this as motivation to clean up. And clean up she did.

But there was an overwhelming amount of support, mostly from people who know what parenting is really like

The next day, her followers got four videos (here, here, here, and here) detailing her clean-up journey. And hey, one of her daughters joined in to help clean up, which throws the “setting a bad example” argument out the window. And in a day, she turned a messy house into a clean one.

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