Mom, 30, Becomes Britain’s Youngest Grandma After Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Gives Birth

Mom, 30, Becomes Britain’s Youngest Grandma After Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Gives Birth

Kelly Healey was only aged 30 when her teenage daughter Skye Salter gave birth to Bailey, now aged 3, in August 2018. The then 14-Year-Old [pictured below with Kelly ] was living with her step-mom and father in Cranford, West London when she did a digital test and found out she was expecting.

Quickly, Skye was referred to West Middlesex hospital in Isleworth, where she had an ultrasound, and doctors revealed she was already 36 weeks and four days pregnant. When Kelly heard the news, she offered all the love and support because what was done was done.

But the mom-of-five [picutred right] admitted she never expected to find out she would be a grandma so young. [Pictured left is Skye and in the middle is her son].

“I never expected to find out I would become a nan while still in my 20s. But there was no point yelling at Skye about contraception and safe sex. What was done was done. All I could do was offer love and support. As a mum you just deal with these things. I act like I’m in my early 20s, so it doesn’t feel right to be a granny,” Kelly told The Sun.

She continued: “My friends think it’s hilarious. I’ve got a grandson. He’s always getting mistaken for my son.”

Skye was reportedly shocked by the news and was even told by medics that an abortion was not an option because she found out about the pregnancy so late. The now 17-Year-Old recalled she had a secret feeling she might be pregnant which is why she suggested the test.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was potentially days off becoming a mum. Just weeks earlier, I had been doing PE and climbing up and down hills.”

“Of course, finding out I was pregnant, so late meant abortion wasn’t an option. But I couldn’t have done that anyway. Seeing my baby’s heartbeat on the screen, my heart filled with love. I knew from the point onwards I would always take second place, and my baby boy would take first.”

However, Kelly revealed that her own mother doesn’t feel ready to be a great-grandma at just 48.

This comes as mom-of-three Gemma Skinner is thought to have become Britain’s youngest grandma at 33 after her daughter, 17, gave birth in October 2021. Ms. Gemma, whose daughter Maizie gave birth to a little girl, had also told The Sun she was mistaken for the newborn’s aunt by nurses in the hospital.

She’s now having a great time taking her new granddaughter out and about with strangers, thinking she’s the girl’s mother.

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