Kind-Hearted Teen Says He’s Had Enough After Seeing Inconsiderate Kids Bully Girl On Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s showing your partner just how much they mean to you or giving a friend or family member something to show that you appreciate them, there’s no end to the amount of kindness and love to share on this special day. Unfortunately, not everyone is a big fan of the heartfelt holiday — something that was apparent at one middle school in February 2018.

Aislinn Bowermaster, 12, baked holiday treats to handout to her peers at East Clinton Middle School in Leescreek. It’s a facet of Aislinn’s “old soul” character. Those close to describe a young girl who is kind, thoughtful and gentle.

But by the end of the day, when she hadn’t received anything in return, she was devastated. And on the bus ride home, a girl confronted the visibly distraught Aislinn and issued her cruel reasoning for why no one was her Valentine.

Isaiah Greiner, a high school sophomore, heard about his family friend having a rough day and wanted to do something about it.
He was not going to let the bully win, so he devised a plan to help cheer Aislinn up and give her the Valentine’s Day treatment she deserved. Showing up at her school with gifts in hand, Isaiah showed what it means to be a true friend. Read on to find out more about this heartwarming story

Aislinn loved Valentine’s Day and loved sharing the kindness the holiday celebrated, but it seemed like her good deeds weren’t appreciated by her middle school classmates. According to KTVU, Aislinn left school that day in tears after not receiving anything from her peers and after being bullied on the bus. She said that she never wanted to go to school on Valentine’s Day again.

Aislinn’s mom phoned her best friend Abby Howell, who let her son Isaiah know about the incident. Isaiah and Aislinn had been friends for three years, and the former decided that he had had enough after hearing how other students treated his friend. Wanting to do something to make Aislinn feel better, Isaiah devised a beautiful plan and surprised his friend by delivering her roses, chocolate, a giant teddy bear and a card in front of the entire school.

According to KTVU, the note inside the card said: “Happy Valentine’s Day. Always remember how pretty you are.”

The gesture was so warm and comforting that it brought Aislinn to tears, only this time, they were tears of joy. She was so moved by Isaiah’s actions, and it’s clear that her peers were just as amazed by the teenage boy’s kind-heartedness.

According to KTVU, Aislinn said that Isaiah’s kind actions helped her classmates see her in a different light, and they thought it was cool that her friend went out of his way to do something so nice for her. It was a stunning moment that Aislinn and Isaiah were able to share together as they celebrated their loving friendship.,

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