Jaden Smith Says His Mom Jada Pinkett Wanted To Marry Tupac Not His Dad Will Smith Because Pac Was Her Best Friend

Jaden Smith Says His Mom Jada Pinkett Wanted To Marry Tupac Not His Dad Will Smith Because Pac Was Her Best Friend

An interview in which Jaden Smith said Tupac proposed to his mother Jada Pinkett Smith has resurfaced in the heat of Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars slap. According to Jaden, the late rapper Tupac asked his mother, Jada, to marry him and he remembered this upon sighting a photo of the rapper in the studio of Los Angeles radio personality Big Boy.

It’s a 2018 interview and was uploaded on YouTube this month for obvious reasons. According to NewsOne;

In the clip, Jaden Smith spoke about his musical journey and how he felt added pressure when it came to his career because of the success that his parents had experienced.

“Once I went out into the world and I saw how people feel about my parents [I felt pressure],” Jaden Smith said. “I didn’t understand, and I’m still understanding more and more every day that they’re just a staple in the world and they made people feel a type of way that nobody has ever made anyone feel.”

“So I just didn’t understand just how deep-rooted they are in hip-hop as well,” added Jaden Smith, whose father made his name as a rapper before becoming a movie star.

On noticing imagery of his mother with Shakur in the studio, Jaden Smith said: “I’m looking at the picture right here of Tupac on the shirt right there and Tupac asked to marry mom, and she was like, ‘Pac, we’re best friends.’”

“They say marry your best friend, but I’m glad they didn’t,” quipped Big Boy, real name Kurt Alexander, as Jaden Smith nodded in agreement.

“Just seeing how deep-rooted everybody is in my family in hip-hop and in the culture, that puts even more pressure on it,” said the “Never Say Never” hitmaker.

Pinkett Smith, who tied the knot with Will Smith in 1997, has spoken about her love for Shakur, though has stated that they were not romantically involved.

“I know that most people want to always connect it in this romance thing, but that’s just because they don’t have the story,” the Set It Off star said of her relationship with Shakur in a 2017 interview with Sirius XM host Sway Calloway.

It looks like even Will Smith’s children love their mom’s dead lover Tupac more than him and it’s heartbreaking. A few weeks ago, a letter Willow Smith wrote to Tupac begging him to come back to life so Jada can be happy went viral on the internet. It’s obvious Jada Pinkett isn’t happy in her marriage with Will Smith.

Source & Credit: blacksportsonline.com

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