Identical twin sisters gave birth on the same day at the same place

Identical twin sister have unique bond with each other that no one can understand. Twins Jalynne and Janelle Crawford share a special bond and they have been inseparable since birth. They both have always strived to do everything together. Surprisingly, They gave birth to babies on the same day.

Twin Jalynne told Love What Matters, “There were various movies made on identical twin in which one can feel what other feels, the bond is so strong that one can feel what the other feels. Growing up we were inseparable. We dressed alike every day, shared a car and cell phone, had the same friends we were glued to each other’s hip.

She further stated: Teachers would recommend to our parents we be in separate classes, and we would cry at the thought of being away from one another. Our mom did not have the heart to break that bond between us, and we were so thankful she kept us in the same classes. That lasted until freshman year of high school.

Teachers worried we would not be our true selves by always being in the same classroom, but we think it benefitted our personalities and we always had straight A’s. They both are best friends and always wanted to stay together.

They even want to live as neighbors with their respective family. They also decided that their children will study in same school. However, Jalynne got married with Brandon in 2011 and Janelle married after one and a half years later.

They got pregnant two weeks apart. But their destiny was written different and Unfortunately, Janelle underwent from a miscarriage due to some health issue and Jalynne had been two miscarriage.

After 6 months they got even closer when they became pregnant at the same time and gave birth to their sons at the same day. Their big childhood dream came true and they both were overjoyed.

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