Couple Who Met On Blind Date Commemorate Eighty Years Of Marriage ‘Still Holding Hands

Couple Who Met On Blind Date Commemorate Eighty Years Of Marriage ‘Still Holding Hands

“If I could, I’d do it all again,” Eric said:
Brits Nancy and Eric Kingston have accomplished something few couples can tout—they’ve been married 80 years! June 1, 2020, marks their oak anniversary. In fact, it’s believed that they’re the UK’s longest-married couple. The internet just can’t get enough of these two, and it’s so easy to understand why once you hear their amazing story.

Meet The Kingston Family

Not only have these two love birds been together longer than the average life span, they’re still madly in love. Nancy said they still hold hands and share sweet kisses. Nancy will be 100 on her next birthday in October, and Eric is one year her senior.

They still live independently in Blackford near Wedmore, Somerset, where they’ve lived most of their adult lives. One of their sons, Stephen Kingston, lives with them. He says his parents keep up with everything going on in the world and are much younger than their age dictates. He points out that they “have strong, traditional family values.” They’ve been a tremendous influence on him and his decisions, too.

Unfortunately, the current situation meant that they couldn’t have a large and grand anniversary celebration. Instead, the pair welcomed family and friends into their beautiful garden a few at a time for a distanced celebration.

The pair held hands, shared a special kiss, and sat for photos and gifts. Nancy and Eric celebrated their love, however with restrictions on guests and proximity. Their family, however, were all quite disappointed that they couldn’t be more involved in the celebration. Son, Dennis, said he was sad that he and his family couldn’t give his parents a hug.

Nancy was just 17-years-old when she met Eric. It was 1938, and King George VI reigned. She asked her brother to introduce her to 18-year-old Eric. Her brother paid a visit to the farm Eric worked at to tell him that Nancy was waiting for him on a nearby bridge. Nancy says that Eric showed up and it just “went from there.”

In 1940, they married in a small church. Nancy recalled how wartime rationing influenced her wedding. Her coupons covered some new undies and her wedding dress. She had pink carnations, and she wore a pale blue dress, navy hat, and blue shoes. The reception consisted of cake and sandwiches at her grandmother’s home. In recalling their wedding, Eric says:

“If I could, I’d do it all again.”

Nancy and Eric went on to make their home in Blackford, where they raised five children. Those children gave them 11 grandchildren, 28 greats, and 14 great-great-grandchildren.

When asked the secret to their long and happy marriage, Eric simply said, “love, a lot.” Nancy agreed, saying their love has obviously been a deep love and that they’re “still holding hands.” Their family has an oak bench that they plan to place at Blackford church to honor the couple. An oak sapling will also be planted somewhere in the community.

How cute is this couple? Can you imagine being married for eight decades? Tell us your thoughts and own happy, long marriage stories in the comment section. Don’t forget to give others a smile or slice of inspiration by passing this story about Eric and Nancy along to others.

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