Britain’s Got Talent Viewers Accuses Show is Fixed After Popular Singer Gets First Golden Buzzer

Britain’s Got Talent Viewers Accuses Show is Fixed After Popular Singer Gets First Golden Buzzer

Britain’s Got Talent has always been a mixture of all kinds of talents from people around the world. You can’t deny that listening to their stories of dreams and living the reality inspire people to give it at least a shot for once.

But this week’s first Golden Buzzer has stirred up controversies. Lorren Alred, the singer of ‘Never Enough’ from ‘The Greatest Showman.’


People were so excited to see who would get the Golden Buzzer after two years of absence. Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, and David Walliams have returned again as judges to the talent show.

Enter Loren Allred, who walked on the stage with her curly hair and olive green outfit. At this point, most of you must’ve known the name that is correlated with one of the most impactful musical flicks that starred Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Zac Efron, and a myriad of other amazing A-listers.

She is Loren Allred, the original singer to ‘Never Enough’ that has over 430 million hits on Spotify right now.

Of course, there’s the fact that the movie was infamously snubbed from award events despite its amazing reception that comprised of an impressive cast and music. The successful movie also means the success of the most prominent singer that became a hit.

Users felt like the golden buzzer given to the already professional and widely known singer was a fix. Not to mention fans remembered that Simon Cowell was a huge fan of the movie and would’ve recognized the woman who sang the song to it.

The singer replied to those criticisms in a comment to The Sun, “Even though I have spent a lot of years in the music industry, people don’t know who I am. Over all these years I’ve been fighting for my chance to be known and to make it.”

“The opportunity to sing ‘Never Enough’ evolved from being a session singer in the choir, and even though the song was a big success, people still think that the actress sang it. I have never gotten the opportunity to tell my story. That’s never happened for me.”

She added, “I am an unsigned, independent artist still trying to make a name for myself.”

One user commented, “Simon: “Maybe this is your moment.” Except she’s already a successful music star in the States! Did Simon think nobody would notice? Bet all those non-professional British acts are well chuffed with this crock of s**t.”

BGT’s spokesperson had also defended the judges’ decision, “Loren is not a household name, and she deserves her spot on the BGT stage. It’s fantastic that Loren is now able to step out and stand in her own right to be the face, and not just the voice, of one of the most well-known tracks of all time.”

When she was invited to perform in “An Intimate Evening with David Foster” for the pianist’s PBS special, Loren called it a “dream come true.”

Loren also has an album released last year titled ‘Late Bloomer.’ She’s also recorded with Michael Buble before.

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