Bride Refuses to Cover Her Birthmark, People Wonder Why She’s Not Ashamed of It

Self-love and confidence are two important things individuals need to have, and Ferrin Roy proved it. She thrived despite all the negativity that surrounded her. Find out how Roy chose confidence and self-love over shame and low self-esteem.

Every once in a while, people need a reminder that everyone is amazing. At the end of the day, loving oneself is a crucial step in loving other people, feeling grateful, loving one’s life, and being happy.

In a world where people are subjected to ridicule and negativity due to their outward appearance, they need to realize the importance of self-love and confidence.

Once people learn to love themselves for who they are, they will not be easily affected by the words of others. Thankfully, in our world today, men and women have understood the need to feel comfortable in their skin.

Established author and body confidence campaigner Ferrin Roy is one woman who understands the importance of self-love. Here is a look at her exciting story.


Ferrin Roy was born with a facial birthmark on her right cheek. During her early years, the pigmented lesion did not bother her. However, Roy noticed that she was quite different. She never remembered seeing a cartoon, action figure, or Barbie doll that looked like her.

Nevertheless, the woman never worried about the mark until an adult teased her about it. Roy revealed that the incident occurred when she was only nine years old and a part of a youth choir group.

According to her, she made eye contact with a woman in the church, who made a hand gesture for Roy to remove the birthmark on her face.

At first, Roy ignored her, but the woman continued to make the same hand gesture whenever the little girl looked in her direction. After the service, the pastor asked if anybody had anything to say, and the woman stood up and said:

Thankfully, Roy’s mother had taught her to love herself and the birthmark. She would also defend her daughter against people who made derogatory remarks.


But in due time, Roy learned to defend herself. As she grew older, the glares from people outside her community increased. Although it dampened her self-esteem a few times, Roy was determined to overcome the negativity.

She would often talk and compliment herself in the mirror and recite daily affirmations. With time, Roy learned to see herself as a beautiful young woman.


Eventually, the confident woman met her lovely husband, and they spoke about the birthmark. According to Roy, he said she was stunning, and her birthmark was beautiful. On August 14, 2016, the lovely couple walked down the aisle.

Not long after the wedding, Roy revealed that she had gone viral because of her birthmark. Her story was written with headlines like “The bride who refused to cover her birthmark on her wedding day.”

In addition, people wondered why Roy was not ashamed of it. Being ashamed was not an option for the woman, as she had learned to embrace her mark from a young age and love herself. Also, she had a man who thought she was beautiful and unique.

In due time, she and her husband welcomed two beautiful daughters, and Roy could not be more grateful for having people that love her for who she is.


Ferrin Roy’s story is not much different from Crystal Hodges’s, but for the latter, she was born with a purple port-wine stain birthmark covering a part of her face.

Hodges is a well-known blogger in the birthmark community and shares her story. Her goal is to remind individuals to show kindness to one another, no matter what people look like. One of the stories Hodges shared led her to meet a woman named Tiffany and her nine-year-old daughter, Naomi.


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The mother and daughter followed Hodges’s story for a while as Naomi was born with a similar condition as the blogger. One day, the pair finally got the chance to meet the inspiring Hodges.

The blogger visited Naomi’s elementary school, and as soon as the little girl sighted Hodges, she yelled, “CRYSTAL!” and hugged the woman in excitement.


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For Naomi, it was the first time she was physically meeting someone, who had the same birthmark as hers, and it was a surreal experience. The pair visited a local cafe, and even though it was their first meeting, they bonded like they had known each other for a long time.

These stories are centered around self-love, confidence, acceptance, and kindness. Discriminating and looking down on people who look different will not create a way for peace and unity to thrive. To make the world a better place, everyone is encouraged to show kindness and love.

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