Boyfriend Surprised His Meteorologist Girlfriend With Sweet Proposal Of Marriage While Show On Air

A story of a meteorologist in Louisville at WAVE3 namely Tawana Andrew is getting viral these days who got surprised by her boyfriend namely Rusty Steele who appeared live newscast while she was on-air and proposed to her. This was a lifetime surprise for Andrew which was only made possible with the help of her colleagues.

The video starts with the new station where a picture of the ring was shown with a caption stating that it is the time for my princess to turn into my queen. Seeing the picture of the ring and the caption, Andrew gets confused for some time. Soon, Steele appeared and proposed kneeling in front of the lady meteorologist.

Getting the surprise made Andrew so much excited that she shouted in joy. She was overwhelmed with emotions and unable to balance her body as well when her boyfriend on his knees proposed to her. Steele keeps continues expressing his love while the meteorologist was sobbing in joy. He said that he was having the happiest past few years that were with her.

He recalled all the adventures that they both enjoyed together and said that she has been her best friend and every passing year makes him fall more in the love with her. After this, Steele pulled out the ring and proposed to Andrew that if she want to marry him. Of course, Andrew replied yes and then they exchanged the warm and the happiest hug. Andrew after this jokingly said that how she is now being able to do the weather.

Later all her collages also joined the stage and congratulate the couple for the joyous moment in their life. This makes Andrew realize that all her colleagues were also involved in the complete surprise. The new crew also shared that they were aware of the plan from the very beginning but anyhow managed to keep quiet and not let the surprise leak in front of Andrew.

Andrew got shocked when she came to know that all her family, friends, and her colleagues were knowing about the surprise plan. But they all managed to keep their mouth shut in order to prevent the leaking of the surprise in front of Andrew. The couple who have been together for more than three years is now going to tie in a bond. They thanked all for supporting their plan and making the big moment happen in their life.

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