A photo of the touching of a boy letting his mother use his hand as a “pillow” on the train. It’s melting the hearts of netizens!

here are surprising times when children are shown to act more kind and humane than even adults without being told to do so.
An excellent example of such an incident happened in Chengdu, China aboard the Chengdu Metro Line 2.

A boy was seen to have shown kindness and compassion for both his mother and a total stranger!
A fellow passenger who had witnessed the whole scene told Shanghaiist that the boy was initially sitting next to his mother on the train. He then got up and offered his seat to a lady with a stroller and proceeded to stand by his mother.

Seeing that his mother was exhausted, he took her pink handbag and literally gave her a hand. He placed his hand on the glass pane that acted as a makeshift pillow so that his mother wouldn’t have to lean on the hard surface.

He carried his mother’s things and offered his hand as a cushion for his mother to lay on.
A photo of the touching scene was captured and posted on a Chinese blog called Weibo and has since gone viral. The photo has been liked by more than 180,000 people and received more than 18,000 comments praising the boy’s selflessness.

One user even wrote “Help me ask around about who this kid’s parents are. I want to go ahead and arrange for him to marry my future daughter.”

Children never cease to amaze and this act of compassion is just one of those moments that can revive our faith in humanity as a whole.


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