New Orleans Woman, 73, Has Arm Torn Off in Carjacking by Four High Schoolers: Police

New Orleans Woman, 73, Has Arm Torn Off in Carjacking by Four High Schoolers: Police

Their parents turned them in after the victim bled to death on the street.
Four teenagers have been arrested in New Orleans after a woman was dragged to death in a carjacking.

Linda Frickey, 73, bled to death on the street on Monday after her arm was torn off during the broad daylight robbery.

According to her family, the teen suspects tried to kick her out of her 2021 Nissan, but she was still entangled in her seatbelt; they allegedly sped off while she was still attached to the car.

NOLA PD published surveillance footage of the four high school suspects on Monday:

By Tuesday, they had all four in custody: a 17-year-old male, a 16-year-old female, and two 15-year-old females.

According to police, one of the 15-year-old girls was the first to be apprehended, after her mother turned her in. The male and one of the females were caught after the male suspect’s parents tipped off investigators. The last female suspect handed herself in Tuesday morning.

All four were booked on one count each of second-degree murder.

“As the suspects are juveniles, their names and photos will not be released by police,” NOPD said in a statement.

Frickey was still alive as witnesses tried in vain to render aid; one good Samaritan furiously told Fox8 that he spent almost 5 minutes trying to call 911 with no answer, as the victim bled out in front of him.

Beau Tidwell of the Mayor’s Office insisted 911 received the call at 1:36 PM, and the alert was sent less than a minute later.

“Units were dispatched less than two minutes after receiving that call, and they were en route at 1:38 PM,” he said. “NOPD was on the scene by 1:43 PM, EMS was there at 1:47 PM.”

“Linda was trying to survive,” her younger sister JinnyLynn Griffin told the outlet. “She was 73, and still breathing, waiting for an ambulance when this ordeal happened. She was a fighter. This is totally senseless.”

“I can’t say this enough: when they pulled away, and she was in that strap, they made the decision to murder her. They should pay for it.”

Linda, who was still working at 73 selling life insurance, was one month away from retirement, and was looking forward to spending more time with her 7-year-old granddaughter.

“Just opened the door, kicked, tried to kick her loose… but it didn’t work,” her inconsolable sister-in-law Kathy Richard said. “How can you kick her? It’s just beyond comprehension. It’s evil.”

“You don’t just go from being a kid in school, going to take a walk, to killing someone. It was murder. It was downright murder.”

“If Linda lived to 100 years old, still helping everybody,” she added, in tears. “She didn’t get the chance to see her son get married next year. And her little granddaughter is only 7 years old. She didn’t get enough time with her. She just did not deserve to go that way.”

“She probably would even forgive these people. She’d forgive ’em. Probably the only thing she wouldn’t forgive them for is taking her away from her grandchild.”

Mayor LaToya Cantrell said the horrific incident was “absolutely unacceptable.”

“I will continue to lift up the family in prayer, and pray for the soul of our resident, who died because of the hands of young people in our community.”

She applauded the officers who were “relentless and aggressive” in their pursuit of the teen suspects.

“I also want to thank one of our parents, who stepped up, and she told her daughter: ‘you have to tell the truth and give it to them straight.’ This young person did.”

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