Bridal Bliss: Kendra And Diallobe Said “I Do” In A Magical Celebration In The SoCal Desert

Bridal Bliss: Kendra And Diallobe Said “I Do” In A Magical Celebration In The SoCal Desert

The voice was loud.

Kendra heard it the first time she met Diallobe in person. The two talked on the phone countless times before, as they both work in the music industry. She’s the VP of marketing for Atlantic Records, he is an award-winning music manager. So by the time they met in person for lunch to discuss a client they were both working with, they were comfortable with one another in a professional but laid back way.

And then she heard a voice.

“After lunch he offered to drive me back to my hotel. I get in the car, look over at him and a voice in my head said, you are going to marry this guy,” she tells ESSENCE. “That has never happened to me before so it was quite eerie!”

It was also the beginning of Kendra seeing Diallobe differently. While residing in NYC at the time, when she traveled to LA for work, she would make an effort to see him by inviting him to meet up with her and her friends.

“I think we started to like each other but neither of us said anything about it,” she says. “Then, New Year’s Eve was approaching in 2015. I was in New York and asked him ‘do you have plans for New Years?’ He said no and I was on the next flight! We went to dinner and a Bryson Tiller concert so I think that was our official first date.”

From there, the two went from inconspicuously feeling each other to knowing they’d found the one. He would propose to her in November 2020. Surrounded by a small group of her best friends from around the country who met in Palm Springs for a staycation to escape COVID cabin fever, he got down on one knee.

And as one of the most beautiful moments of their lives occurred in Palm Springs, it made sense that they decided to return there to say “I do.” They brought family and friends to Palm Desert, which is in the heart of Greater Palm Springs and finds itself within a desert in Southern California. There, on January 15, they made magic happen with the help of extravagant florals, twinkling lights shaped into a tent, and personal touches that celebrated their love story — from pictures of them printed atop tasty cocktails to an escort display fashioned into a boom box to honor their work in music.

The day was filled with overflowing joy emanating from the guests (including a cuddly dog) to the bride and groom. For Kendra, it was also the confirmation of what the voice in her head told her that afternoon they met for the first time seven years prior.

“My favorite moment from our wedding day was seeing Diallobe at the altar waiting for me to walk down the aisle,” she recalls. “That is something I have dreamed about since we met and for it to finally happen was a dream come true.”

And speaking of a dream, wait until you see the photos from their celebration, orchestrated by Candace Hernandez of Fawn Events. See all the beauty from their big day and learn more about their love story. It’s sure to strike a “chord.”

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